"fine art of the spanking"

a little help for my friends


Dear friends I can’t teach you my art. Each of us... must find it on their own, deep in their heart., However what I can teach you is some techniques and I’ll be happy to.

I just opened up a class...

Of course, this is a little game. Everyone can participate, it is completely free.
This is a discussion about the techniques of drawing.
Reviews and criticism are my opinions and I do not claim to hold the absolute truth.
These are just my point of view.
English is not my native language and sometimes the translation may exaggerate the expressions.
I just want to play this game with whoever may want to.
The rules are:
1) resolution 800x600 or superior
2) the format must be JPEG
3) No pornography No children. (no exeption)
I would rather the projects be coherent with the spirit of our site,
but I will accept all... ( within the limits).

If you'd like to attend ... if you send me your work,
use this.... form

discussion about homeworks
  • copertina
  • Roland's work in coloring

  • copertina
  • Another of Roland's work

  • copertina
  • Dick Jay's work

  • copertina
  • Rolf's coloring work

  • copertina
  • Stefan's work

  • copertina
  • F.'s (anonymous) work

The ones below are not students, but friends who have a maturity of expression, equal to mine.
So I have nothing to say about their work, but only put them on show like a small exhibition.
Unfortunately I have lost all their references and contact information.
If you are still on the web and wish to contact me, I would love to hear from you.
My space is always available for you if you have any new art to be published.

  • copertina
  • Dimitry

  • copertina
  • Stefan Meyer

Notice for visitors

In this website spanking is dealt with as an erotic practice. Practiced by aware and free adults. This website is against each form of punishment, institutional or domestic, practiced on children or minors or on people who are not aware.

“This site is against each form of pedophilia.”