"fine art of the spanking"

the expression of the girl was too stupid to deserve a spanking only.
I think she deserves a good sodomizing.

difficulty very high

(part Three)

Starting Photo :An our old acquaintance.

This girl has been very impolite. Therefore a spanking is not enough.

Step 1: delete the right arm...

With the tool clone (stamp) copy the surrounding background,
erasing the arm.

Step 2:search... our archive, for an appropriate arm
We need to borrow another arm.

Thank you for the wonderful arm... Baby

Step 3: copy the arm onto our photo... But in another layer ( of course )

Let’s take a close look.
The arm is too big, It is not in the correct position and
it must be retouched in the color range.

Step 4: a) Clean the contours. 
b) Rotate slightly (with the menu Modification- free transformation)
c) Drag in position and adjust the dimension slightly.

!!!! A big, small suggestion.
To find the correct position, reduce the transparency of the arm
make the physical features coincide... the shoulder with the armpit, etc...

Step 5: Now... the contrast of the different chromatic range is evident.
with the two Options Color Balancment - Hue/Saturation
adjust the color of the arm.

It is very difficult for me to give general guidelines because the situation changes from photo to photo.
We must proceed by trial and error.

Step 6:

Clearly with the hand in this position, it’s impossible to sodomize the girl
So we need to turn the wrist.

Step 7:

I remind you that the layer of the arm, is still separate...
Rotate slightly (with the menu Modification- free transformation)
We must select only the hand holding the dildo and we can put it in the correct position.
Erase the tip of the dildo to simulate penetration.

The girl was so obnoxious that...
I could not help but add a good dose of lashes.

Now our photo, I think is much more interesting!! :-)

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