"fine art of the spanking"

How to apply a solemn spanking to a pair of virgin buttocks.

difficulty easy

Starting photo :(I downloaded it from the wulfram website)

Step 1: select the area to discipline

Step 2:un-select the quick mask... copy and paste (new layer)

Step3 adjust color balance (the values are indicative and can change for every photo )

visualize both layers but don' t joint them yet.

the result

Step 4: and now the artist's touch...

with the eraser option adjust the contour

and Now

madame e monsieur a bottom just spanked...

Notice for visitors

In this website spanking is dealt with as an erotic practice. Practiced by aware and free adults. This website is against each form of punishment, institutional or domestic, practiced on children or minors or on people who are not aware.

“This site is against each form of pedophilia.”