"fine art of the spanking"

Some people have asked me to explain, how to color a B/W drawing.
There are two methods... this is the first.

difficulty low

Starting draw : a classic Acelon drawing.

Step 1: with quick-mask active... select the bare area of the girl-

Step 2:copy and paste in a new layer

this step is now done automatically by Photoshop, as it copies selected areas in a new layer.

Step 3: Fill the girl with a color that simulates the flesh,

all the values are approximate

Step 4: Visualize all the layers : This is the result

The color is still flat

Step 5: The first shadow...

note: The Airbrush run... out of the girl, it touches the figure...
just a little bit on the border 
paint only the flesh in... shadows side

Step 6: Copy with a quick - mask... the hard to reach areas

work accurately...

Step 7: And paste in a new layer

only the areas too difficult for shading

Step 8: repeat the step 5 with the same color... but with a new parameters.

(Very important) remember to set the trasparency.

Step 9: Add now a second level of shadows... the color is now darker

see the pictures

Step 10: This is the result...

Step 11: Visualize all the layers

The same girl Over The Knee

Step 12: Naturally now... we must blushing the buttocks. :-))

copy and paste in a new layer

Step 13: The redness of the buttocks can be made with...
Hue/Saturation or with Color Balancement...

It is more realistic, if the zones, are not homogeneous.

Step 14: Add an artist's touch... just a little bit of white...

two small spots of white for simulate the light.

Step 15: :-)) My personal "secretary" Rossella, has finished to color all the sketch, 
but I must remember to spank her, because... she has worked like a child...

I think this is a job well done ... a good drawing... but...

This is Better :-))

This is colored with the second method.
But we’ll have to talk about that in another lesson, when I have some more time.

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