"fine art of the spanking"

Some people have asked me to explain better how I created the signs of a hard punishment.
It seemed like a repetition, but the insistence of a friend has convinced me to show it again.
Diana has been very very bad 
and I have decided to give her a very strict punishment.

difficulty low

Immaculate Buttocks:I think that, a good warm-up , with the wooden paddle...
is in order.

oh yeah! Very much in order indeed!

Step 1: select with the quick mask, the area, which must be disciplined

the brush should not be very large and must have feathered edges

Step 2:copy and paste in a new layer

this step is now done automatically by Photoshop,
as it copies selected areas in a new layer.

Step 3: change the color of the skin with the color balance method (Ctr+B)

all the values are approximate

Step 4: generally, it is always necessary to adjust the brightness and contrast

all the values are indicative

Step 5: on the active layer, select the work area

Step 6:

From menu... Select->modify->contract reduce the selection
The 8 pixel value is very close to reality.
The result of the reduction should now appear.

Step 7: Adjust the Brightness / Contrast

To simulate the characteristic halo of a paddle stroke,
I increase the brightness of the central part. and reduce the Contrast
the values are indicative

Step 8: - Ctr+D - unselect the selection  

Adjust the Brightness / Contrast 's whole layer.

Step 9: and now... Adjust the trasparency (is very important for the final effect)

the values are indicative

Step 10: Final Effect... poor Diana

just blistered...

Notice for visitors

In this website spanking is dealt with as an erotic practice. Practiced by aware and free adults. This website is against each form of punishment, institutional or domestic, practiced on children or minors or on people who are not aware.

“This site is against each form of pedophilia.”