"fine art of the spanking"

Some people have asked me to explain better how I created the signs of a hard punishment.
It seemed like a repetition, but the insistence of a friend has convinced me to show it again.
Also today Diana has been very very bad 
Therefore... I have decided to give her a very strict punishment.
Today Diana is going to get a taste of the sting of a cane.

difficult low / medium

Step 1:a little warm up with the hand... very much needed.

for this... see the lesson one!

Step 2: and now the cane... select with the quick mask, the area, which must be disciplined

the first stroke is the most important one... ( we all know that! :-) )
copy in three different layers .

Step 3:first lash first layer (the light ) adjust brigtness / contrast..

The values are approximate.

Step 4: first lash second layer ( the shadow) adjust brigtness / contrast...

all the values are approximate.

Step 5: first lash third layer ( the flesh) find a tonality with color balance...

values must be set to simulate the flesh, blistered by the cane

Step 6: erase the middle of the first stroke of lash

only the flash layer

Step 7: Erase the low size of the lash

only the light layer

Step 8: Erase the hight side of the lash

only the shadow layer

Step 9: Show three layers simultaneously but don’t join them

Unlike what it says on the picture, the layers don’t merge.
You may have to move by one pixel the two layers below.
Respectively, the light on top, and the shadow at the bottom.

Step 10:Now all you need to do is join the three layers and...
just a little touch up with the smudge tool

see the pictures

Step 11: See the pictures

for realistic effect... small touch up

Step 12: and now... Adjust the transparency (this is very important for the final effect)

the values are approximate.

Step 13: Duplicate the layer again and again

for the moment three or four strokes are sufficient

Step 14: for a realistic effect it’s better if you randomize the shots

the right tool is the free Trasform (Ctr+T), which also allows resizing

Step 15: Try to be closer to reality as possible. Avoid parallel lines

It is good practice differentiate transparency, between the various layers

Step 16: Now we are able to apply the necessary punishment.
We can add layers to copy and repeat, until we think the punishment is sufficient.

the right tool is the some... free Trasform (Ctr+T), we can use the Flip orizontal / vertical

Step 10: Final Effect... Poor Diana! I'll kiss those poor buttocks

just mercilessly blistered...

sssshhhtt!! Can’t you hear her cry? :-)

Notice for visitors

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“This site is against each form of pedophilia.”