"fine art of the spanking"

Our friend, Roland has asked me a question.
How to change the expression and posture of the characters.

difficulty high

(part one)

Starting Photo : for easy visualization I have put up the miniatures, but...
I have worked on the regular size.

Step 1: Look at the pictures...

This expression is ridiculous.
The girl is looking straight at the camera.
She doesn't participate in the action.
As if she was waiting for the bus.
But we don’t want to discard the whole photo
Then... we'll change her expression.

Looking around :We need a big archive. The Biggest possible because...
We need to borrow another face.

I think this expression is better.

Step 2:copy the face onto our photo... But in another layer (of course)

Look attentively.
Our face has a dominant of yellow hues and... low blues.
Besides it must be rotated in the correct position.

Step 3: a) Clean the contours. 
b) Rotate slightly (with the menu Modification- free transformation)
c) Carry in position and adjust the dimension slightly.

!!!! !!!! A big, small suggestion.
To find the correct position, reduce the transparency of the face
and make the facial features coincide. Eyes, nose, etc..

Step 4: Now... the contrast of the different chromatic range is more evident.
with the two Options Color Balance - Hue/Saturation
adjust the color of the face.
It is very difficult for me to give general guidelines because the situation changes from photo to photo.
For the best result, it might take several attempts.

Step 5:

Erase all the parts in excess
Carefully remove the overlap (shoulder / chin)

This is what the result of the transplant should look like.

Finally our girl looks worried enough about her buttocks.

Some failed attempts... :-)))

mmmhh luckily only three attemps !..

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