"fine art of the spanking"

This site is dedicated to the fine art of spanking. It is proposed through the technique of photo editing and image manipulation with Photoshop.
Photographs, drawings and pictures are manipulated in order to describe other situation and another feeling. There is an added value that transforms the original situation by making it, only an artistic inspiration.
There is no plagiarism, but a transformation... Deep and conceptual.
The web site is divided into two sections, one free and one with fee. In the pay section you will find hundreds of manipulation jobs divided by eras and techniques.
Also one of the largest collections of vintage drawings of the web, categorized by author. If you want ...

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Notice for visitors

In this website spanking is dealt with as an erotic practice. Practiced by aware and free adults. This website is against each form of punishment, institutional or domestic, practiced on children or minors or on people who are not aware.

“This site is against each form of pedophilia.”